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He asked……..You said YES!

You got the sparkler on the finger but what to do next?

Apart from standing upon a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. balcony a la Monica shouting to the world you are engaged there are a few things you can start planning

When to start shopping for your wedding dress?

We see brides who are not getting married for years and we will never turn a bride away. However a good time frame is 9 - 12 months in advance of your wedding

To make sure you have the ultimate amount of time for everything to arrive with no rushing and / or panicking this is the ideal timeline

We can help brides with much shorted time scales with anything from 4 weeks upwards!

However you become much more limited in your new order options or may be limited to sample sale off the peg options  

What should I do before I book my bridal appointment?

One of the most important things to consider is your venue so we often suggest booking this before you even worry about your gown

The venue you choose, the time of year, number of guests etc etc can all influence the type of gown you wish to wear

I want to lose weight before I try on dresses - is that ok?

Of course ….. We hear this all the time and as long as you are still leaving yourself the suggested window to order your gown (9 - 12 months) we are on board with your desire to lose weight! Only thing we ask is if you manage it please share your secrets of success!

Pick your A Squad!

Everyone has their ‘gang’, the group of ladies / guys you wouldn’t want to go through this without

Those special people will help guide you through the tough times as well as the champagne times

BUT remember pick wisely, this is your experience and we want you to be heard and your voice to be the most important