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Ordering Your Gown

So you’ve done the hard bit ….. The shopping around …… the endless days of trying on

Now you want to order your wedding dress!!!

Here are some tips and answers you may have the questions we hear all the time  

How do I order my dress?

We will talk you through the process so don’t worry but basically here is a brief outline of what happens

Once you find the dress you want we set you up for measuring - this is a simple process and takes hardly any time

Once measured we will complete your paperwork and get you all sized up

Then there is a 50% deposit and the balance is due 7- 14 days after your dress arrives in store

We will give you an estimated time of arrival (this can change) with a pack of information (just as an FYI) and send you on your way to celebrate!

That’s it your done! Easy Peasy!

What happens when I am measured and how do I know what size to order?

Measuring is done with you in front of our in changing room mirrors so you can see the whole process

We do have to see you in your basics so for our sake clean underwear (or any underwear) is appreciated - we probably have more lumps and bumps than you do so please don’t be shy

Once we have your measurements we will talk you through sizes. This is just a number and generally a harsh one at that - our designers do not follow high street rules so do not be surprised if you are not the same size as normal.

Wedding dresses are constructed in such a different way do not expect it to be a number you often hear - we will talk you through the whole process so please ask as many questions as you like

Our gowns are not couture they come in a specific sizes and we order the size closest to your measurements unless you request otherwise

Sometimes you can be in between sizes and this is when we would talk you through your options and as a back up on sizes we have the sample you tried on as a guide to help you make a decision that will get you the best fit

Ultimately it is your decision which size you go for so again use us for our knowledge and we can help with your decision

What if I want to lose weight?

You have the power to order the size you want - we can suggest you do not put yourself through hell and back to squeeze into a small dress but ultimately we will not argue with a bride who knows her own body

Bare in mind a dress can be dropped up to 3 sizes with the seamstress if you manage to lose weight - and if you do we want your secrets!

How can I pay?

We take all cards including American Express, we can take cheques (as long as we have time to clear before you collect your gown) or cash

What if I change my mind?

Let us know immediately!

The less time that has passed from when you ordered your gown to letting us know the more chance we can help

We will always try and put you in the right gown but once an order has been submitted to the designer there is little we can do - we have on occasion with speedy notice been able to transfer deposits to dresses from the same designer as your original purchase but we are talking days notice not months or even weeks

Sample sale gowns are something we do not refund on

We have a strict policy that we do not reserve or refund sale gowns to keep as much open to other brides as possible - this does not affect your statutory rights. On the couple of occasions when someone falls out of love with their dress and nothing can be done to swap it then we will speak with our designers about offering a fabulous discount on a second dress to save you forking out too much twice

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