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Once you’ve sorted you and your girls out the attention falls on your groom!

Do I need an appointment for Menswear?

Yes - it is the same for all our appointment types to ensure we can put the consultant with the right know how at your disposal

What happens during a menswear appointment?

We book you in for a 30 - 45 minute appointment to talk you through the collection - the different fabrics, styles, colours etc

During this appointment we can show you the different cuts and styles on all of our mannequins and if possible we will offer you samples to try on

We do not carry the collections in a variety of sizes and not all the collections from the brochure so do check in advance if you have any specific requirements

What if I want to try the suit on before committing?

No problem - our designer will allow us to hire in one suit for you to try on in the best fit for you before the big day

There is a charge for the courier with this and is a non refundable £15-20

Should you wish for your whole party to try on their suits beforehand we could check with the designer if this is possible

Is it just hire or can we buy suits?

We only do hire - sorry! We can often suggest good locations for you to browse buying your suits but it is not something we provide as a service

What is the youngest age you can dress?

This entirely depends on how big your little cherubs are but generally 18 - 24 months is the youngest we would dress

The fit is never as well tailored on the little ones as it is on adults or children older than 12 as they have a very different shape but we will always do our best to ensure they look fabulous - although they tend to look adorable all on their own!

How does it all work?

A very general guide to menswear shopping…..

Come in to browse the styles and learn a bit of info - sometimes grooms can come in along or with brides or best men - your company your choice

We talk you through the options and you decide whether you want to hire a sample in to try or not

Once decided on style we talk you through any discounts and set up an order for you

Then you arrange that between 6 - 12 weeks before the wedding for each of your men to come in and be measured and your order is placed

We aim to have your suits arrive as early as possible but can only guarantee 4/5 days before the wedding

You collect and get the group to try on or book a trying on session in store

Any amendments needed are ordered

The wedding

We need suits to be back in store the Monday after the wedding - if the wedding is not a weekend or is extended hire we will confirm a special return date for you

What if my suit comes in and doesn’t fit?

Don’t panic its not a problem!

Sometimes people do change in size - inside and outside of sports season there can be a little fluctuation and in formal wear there is not the tolerance as with normal clothes - we suggest where possible that all men be re-measured approximately 3 or 4 weeks before the big day to ensure they are the same as before

We often get you to try things on in store to ensure you are the right size if in between sizes just to be sure

If anything does need to be re-ordered then there is a courier fee of £15 (dependant on no of items) and it can be delivered the next day

What if my best man, usher etc live far away?

We can talk you through these options but suggest they are measured by a qualified person

Worst case scenario as long as they arrive with 4 days until the wedding we can measure and order last minute for them