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You’ve picked the dress …

Its all systems go …..

What happens at your fittings??

When should I book a fitting with the seamstress?

We usually ask for a bride to wait until 6 - 8 weeks before her wedding

This is unless we have a little surprise bubba in there somewhere and then we would wait until 2 weeks before the big day

Essentially we are trying to ensure you are as close to your wedding day shape as possible and 6 - 8 weeks is great for that

When should I try and book the appointment?

We only book the seamstresses diary about 3 months in advance to avoid too many cancellations so please only call in with 3 or 4 months before the big day

What happens at a fitting?

This is when the seamstress fits the dress to you - you will pop your gown on with your shoes and any shape changing underwear (bras / knickers if they boost or slim you are essential)

The seamstress then works around you pinning the dress to your shape as you wish

Speak up and tell her exactly what you require - she will give you her advice as well but if you don’t tell her exactly how you feel then she cannot get the look you want

She will then quote you for how much the work will cost you and you can decide whether to go ahead

If you do want to you will be offered a final fitting date where you will come to make sure you are happy

How do I pay for my fittings?

This is all done directly with the seamstress

We allow the seamstress to use the space in store for the benefit of our brides but all money is to go directly to her

With this in mind you can pay with a cheque on your first fitting on cash on your final fitting

What is the usual fee for the fittings?

There is no standard fee for the fitting of your gown - everyone is a different shape, size, height, and therefore everyone’s tailoring will be an individual cost

We do advise that most brides sit somewhere between £25 and £250

We can advise you of a better guestimate when ordering but until we see you in your actual gown in the weight you will be just before the wedding it is too hard to be anymore specific unfortunately

What if you change your mind about something?

The seamstress will give you her number or a card with her number on - contact her immediately if you change your mind about something

She cannot always help but if the work hasn’t been started yet or not completed there may be time for you to reassess