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So you’ve picked your A Squad, The Glamour Team!

The group of girls that will get you through the tears, hen nights and wedding day with style and now you need to kit them out!

Here is a guide to bridesmaids shopping!

When should I start bridesmaids shopping?

Definitely not before you have your dress - what bride wants to be second on the list???

Other than that we recommend you start looking at least 5 / 6 months in advance of the wedding to accommodate all designers, colour choices and sizes

Some bridesmaids dresses can be ordered on a rush (this may add a rush fee to your total) but we still need 3 months minimum

Do I need an appointment?

We do require appointments for bridesmaids because of the way our appointments work

We have a designated bridesmaids room that we only let out to one group at a time so that you can really play and have privacy to chose your preferred options without fighting for space! You have this room to yourself for 45 mins and again a member of the team will be on standby should you want her to help

Equally we are happy to leave you to play and just be there when needed

What sizes would I order?

Bridesmaids measuring is done in the same way as we do for bridal

Will my bridesmaids dresses be made to order and fit perfectly?

Probably not - they come in standard sizes similar to high street dresses

For this reason bridesmaids 9 times out of 10 need to be fitted with a seamstress to have little nips and tucks done to ensure they fit perfectly

It also depends on whether any of your ladies lose weight or possibly sometimes gain weight (babies etc)

Please bare this in mind when factoring in your budget

So the girls look good - lets move on to your Groom