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Whether you’ve assembled your A team or braving it alone, your next step is visiting the store of your choice to get playing!

Here is some advice to help you get the most out of your visit

Do I need to book an appointment?

We will always chose helping a bride over cleaning and paperwork - No contest!

However sometimes we are fully booked and cannot squeeze you in so we always say appointments are recommended if you want to try something on to avoid travelling and being disappointed

How long are the appointments?

We try to give you as long as we can - we will always allow 1 hr and 20 mins for our time with you to really focus on your Bridal trial

sometimes during the week we are able to extend this a little when we are really getting into our stride!

We do a variety of other appointment options as well

Bridal Retry - for when you are popping back with a dress in your head you cannot stop thinking about - this is 45 mins long

Accessories - we offer Accessories appointments at 45 mins to really accessories yourself in style

Trying your Own Gown - appointments to try on your own gown once it arrives are 45 mins

Bridesmaids - these run in 45 minute slots where you have the bridesmaids room to yourself - very private for your best girls!

Menswear - these vary dependant on the need but generally 30 - 45 mins

How far in advance do I need to book?

We have a number of personal changing areas so can often be flexible within 7 days sometimes. If you are very specific about your time and date then we recommend booking up to 3 weeks in advance

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Just yourself and a smile!

We provide all the dresses (obviously) but along with that we offer the shoes, veil etc and will help fit the gowns to you

If you have a special pair of shoes - please feel free to bring along

We do suggest white or nude underwear, unless you have some fabulous pants with super heroes on to show off!

Strapless bras can help but not essential

How many people can I bring with me?

We ask you to limit your guests to 3 people where possible - this means every bum will have a spot on your personal sofa during your appt

For brides with a true entourage we ask you to stick to weekday appointments including our Wednesday late night option where you can truly spread out - often with the store to yourself!

Little Cherubs

Now we are the first to want a cuddle and many of our consultants are ‘sprogged’ up themselves……However….

At weekends we are have a Strict no under 12 policy - it hurts us because they can be gorgeous but we are just too busy to

accommodate your bubbas on Saturdays and Sundays

During the week we will welcome them with open arms and will try to help you keep them amused as much as possible but please bare in mind we are a bridal studio with pins, different levels, sofas and a lot of cream carpet so we do ask for as much calmness as possible and awareness its not a “safe” zone for roaming

We will also allow them on a Wednesday evening for those brides unable to visit during the day

We ask no children for Seamstress Appointments for safety reasons again

Can I take photographs?

Ok tough one……

We do allow photographs but we ask only of 2 or 3 favourite gowns and we will always give you a chance to try these back on at the end to David Bailey the

life out of them

We also keep images online as updated as possible to ensure you can remind yourself of your favourite

We do ask that you bare in mind - you may be a size 10 in a size 14 gown that has been in store for 6 months - this will not shimmer and fit like your new order gown  nor will a camera phone capture the true look you will have. Try therefore to remember the feeling you have in a gown and not rely on images

Price Ranges?

Its an awkward one to discuss with your bridal consultant but its best to bring up as soon as possible if you have a budget to work within - we will not treat you any differently at all it just means we have a focus and can get cracking on finding you the best option possible!

You tend to get more from your appointment if you can be frank and open with your consultant about any budget you ‘want to’ or ‘have to’ keep within

Having said that in store our price ranges from £595 to £2100 with the majority of gowns sitting between the £850 to £ 1500

We always have a selection of sample sale gowns in store ready to take straight from the peg with some up to 90% off and starting at £250

Tips for getting the most from your appointment

Try to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes to your appointment as we can get a little crowded but equally we only have a finite amount of time so please do try to understand if you arrive late we cannot always extend your appointment time to accommodate

Ask loads of questions - we are here to help - use us!

The more information we can get from you and the more questions you ask us the more helpful and advisory we can be when it comes to offering you gowns you may not have thought of - 9 times out of 10 its a gown you would never look at twice on the rail that just works when its on

Don’t expect to fall in love straight away!

This sounds an odd thing to say but not every bride has that moment when she bursts into tears and cries that she found THE ONE!

More often than not you have tried on so many dresses that you have it down to 1 or 2 you like and its your favourite from that selection

We do love a good cry in store and if a mum or nan starts us off we will sob with the best of them but if you are a more logical non emotional person you may just be more practical about your appointment and not blub at the right moment

Don’t worry though it doesn’t mean your not doing it right it just means you are not prone to public displays of emotion and that’s ok too!

Make sure you pick the dress you want…..

Again and odd thing to say you’re thinking …. Unfortunately not!

Some brides are swayed dramatically by they’re group of advisors and to some extent this is helpful

However you need to make sure you are wearing the dress you want to wear not the dress everyone else likes!

Over the last 5+ years we’ve had brides from all over the UK coming in store explaining they only had 3 months till the wedding and they hate their dress

mum / nan / sister / best friend (delete as appropriate) loved it and said it was the best one so they went with it - but in the cold light of day as they were dawning on a first fitting they realised its not the dress for them - terrible spot to be in!

Really think your dress decision through if you love it it could be a bin bag but as you walk down the aisle with that massive grin on your face it will look couture to your husband to be - your smile and happiness makes the dress look fabulous - the dress does not make you!

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